Our Approach

  • We take your raw data — we’ll work at your office, we’ll come pick it up, you can fax it, email it or deliver it by pony express!  Whatever is convenient for you.
  • Then we’ll process your data — in the most efficient way possible.  We specialize in QuickBooks which gives you quick and accurate results.Blue_River_Bookkeepping_Processes
  • We’ll prepare the reports, deliver them to you, go over any questions you might have and take care of any adjustments.
  • We’ll do the entire process for you weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually!

Remember, we don’t take the place of your accountant.  We don’t prepare  your taxes and we don’t file income tax returns.  Your accountant is still very much a part of your team!

We provide day to day services and the support you need to keep money flowing into and out of your business in addition to preparing the information for your accountant at year end.