About Us

Katie McDermott, founded Blue River Bookkeeping in 2007 when she saw a need for small business owners to have a resource they could call on to help them with their day-to-day bookkeeping needs.

blue_rive_bookkeeping_photoAfter years of experience working for other companies, Katie’s entrepreneurial drive sent her back to “school” with the goal of honing her skills and knowledge so she would be able to consult with her clients.  She the art of bookkeeping and that one of the primary reasons small businesses fail is a lack of financial controls and an inability to keep up with their invoicing and tax payments.

Blue River Bookkeeping is a trusted name in Summit County and Katie  continues to share her efficiencies and experience with small businesses throughout the county.  Her approach identifies where financial controls are needed, implements systems, produces timely and accurate reports, and reviews those reports with business owners regularly.

Few small business owners and entrepreneurs go into business because they love bookkeeping unless they are a bookkeeper, like Katie.   An architect knows her trade but might not know about liabilities, employment taxes or fixed assets when she first sets out with her own practice.

Clients  need a bookkeeper who can track bills, cut checks and file taxes as well as read reports and educate them on financial reporting.  They need someone who understands key indicators about the overall financial health of their business and who will take the time to help them understand what they mean.

Katie has been a Summit County resident for over 20 years, however her visits to blueriver-bookkeeping-photothe county pre-date the Eisenhower Tunnel!  Katie has watched the county grow and, at times, recede.  She makes her home near Silverthorne along the Blue River….hence the name.  The Blue flows through the county from end to end and Blue River Bookkeeping serves the entire Blue River Valley and its tributaries.

Having grown up in Kansas City, Katie is a life-long Chiefs fan.   However, for the purposes of household harmony she roots for the Denver Broncos (as long as they’re not playing the Chiefs). As a long-time Royals fan, it’s been a tough road these last 20-odd years.  Katie is a skier of all types (Alpine, Nordic & Telemark) as well as an avid horse person.

She and her dog, Snickers, can be seen horseback riding on Summit County trails most every summer weekend. She normally rides Humongous, a huge horse weighing in at almost 1400 pounds — whom she affectionately calls Gus. She’ll also ride Danza Rio — just Rio for short — when she is by herself. Naturally, where ever Katie goes, Snickers goes.

Katie helps people to grow their business because she focuses on what she does best so business owners can focus on what they do best.